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"The Flow of Time"

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. . . ."In nature the force of time transforms all things."


Artist’s Comment:

After seeing photographs of the ancient Irish churches, abandoned to the elements, I was moved to paint this picture depicting how nature wears down and reclaims humanities creations. Our philosophies and our constructions are transformed with the passing of time. New beliefs and ways of perceiving reality evolve and they too, in time, are subject to the passing of time and the forces of nature.

I attempted to create in this painting the beauty of nature as a gentle, yet powerful force of God. It is a scene of transition from the old school of thought that attempted to compartmentalize God and humanity’s relation to spirituality. We are in a time of change in which old beliefs are breaking down and our emerging identity as "natural divine beings" is growing into a new force of nature that both empowers us and connects us to all things.


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