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Yoga, Why We Practice

"Yoga is the cessation of compulsive functions of mind so that the seeker can stand in the essence of their true nature."
Patanjali, Yoga Sutra

"One reason we cherish our yoga practice (apart from health benefits) is that it provides an island of healing, a time of peaceful detachment from the pressures and conflicts of life in the material world outside."
Yoga Journal, Nov/Dec 2000, p. 139

"The point in yoga isn’t to tie your body in a knot; it’s to use the body to purify and study yourself, beginning with what you can see – your leg in Trikonasana – and progressing to what you can’t see - your breath and the movement of your mind."
Leslie Peters, Yoga Journal, 2001 Annual, p. 81

"Yoga movement is designed to unblock the subtle energies in the body and enable the practitioner to align body, mind, and breath, thus facilitating evolution towards higher awareness.
Yoga Journal, Nov/Dec 2000, p. 93

"Whether you attain any particular pose becomes irrelevant once you make a commitment to honor and respect where you really are. When you practice with such honesty, your progress to physical mastery becomes a process that constantly brings you back to your true self."
Donna Farhi, Yoga Mind, Body, and Spirit, p. 40

"The Bhagavad Gita recognized that there were four major reasons that people sought out yoga. From lowest to highest, the Gita ranked these into four categories: the desire to reduce pain, the desire to feel better, the desire to gain power (internal and external) over our lives, and finally the desire to achieve spiritual discrimination."
Rod Stryder, Yoga Journal, January 2001, p. 66


"In classical yoga, meditation and postures go hand in hand. … With postures, you are also training equanimity, and you are training the mind to become focused. You’re using the body as the object of that focus. You’re also training awareness. You’re conditioning the mind to scan to see how things shift, to see the ebb and flow of energy in the subtle body."
                                                                               Stephen Cope, Yoga Journal, January 2001, p. 111

"Asanas have become the tools for opening the heart to compassion and devotion; for studying the flows of breath and energy; for gently releasing the classic spiritual obstacles of greed, hatred, delusion, egoism, and attachment. The poses, used appropriately, can be paths that lead us deeper into the true Self – and that, after all, is what yoga has always been about."
                                                                      Anne Cushman, Yoga Journal Jan/Feb 2000, p. 166



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